Dogs that sadly are no longer with us, that we have breed or owned, we think they deserve a mention.




 Van-glenalan Artemisia - Mcmelany                    Ch. It. Detania Athos at Zeabo (blue/white)

 Ch. It. Hun. Eur. Detania Beauregarde at Zeabo



Zeabo Chloe (champagne/white) 1995

Tansterne Moss ISDS  (Tri colour)

Zeabo Fergie  (Brown/white) 1998



Brilyn Checkmate 1991

Lansinghs Aim For Perfection

Ch. It. Mallicott Sticky Fingers  1995



Ch. It. Dyane del Narcisco 1993

Ch. It. Van-glenalan Stardust 2002

Breezy Never Say Never



Ch. It. World Ch. Brilyn Perfect Finish  1993

Ch. It.Abby del Narcisco 1991

Ch. it. Armonia 1993



Ch. It. Pelido Limited Edition

Multi Ch. Hell Narciso dell Chester

Ch. It. Teresa del Narciso 1991



Ch.It. Nina del Narciso 1991

Zeabo Big Ben Hamish dell Narciso



Zeabo Friday